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New Promise  Lutheran Church building up the body of Christ

New Promise Lutheran Church is to be a vital, Christ-centered witness to all God's people—reaching out through the ministries of worship and sacrament, services and education "for building up the body of Christ." (Ephesians 4:11-13)

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Lent 2 030115 joe Matthew 20.mp3

March 1

Joe Doherty

Epiphany 4 020115 joe Matthew 6.mp3

February 1

Joe Doherty

Christmas 2 010415 jill wisemen.mp3

January 4

Jill Doherty

Advent Two 120714 joe Esther.mp3

December 7

Joe Doherty

Pentecost 21 110214 jill all saints.mp3

November 2

Jill Doherty

Pentecost 17 100514 joe ten commandments.mp3

October 5

Joe Doherty

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God Speaks to Us and We Proclaim the Word

Within the Christian assembly gathered around word and sacrament, the triune God speaks to each person, to the community of faith, and to the whole creation. God calls the whole people of God to proclaim the living word in worship, in witness, and in lives shaped by freedom in Christ.

In the worship assembly, preaching is a primary form of proclaiming the word of God. Preaching is, therefore, essential to the life of the church. Preaching has long held a place of importance among the many forms of proclamation in the assembly. Today, preaching is the “living and contemporary voice” that links the witness of God’s people throughout the ages with God’s people in this time and place.