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New Promise  Lutheran Church To glorify God through building up the body of Christ

New Promise Lutheran Church is to be a vital, Christ-centered witness to all God's people—reaching out through the ministries of worship and sacrament, services and education "for building up the body of Christ." (Ephesians 4:11-13)

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Prayer Line

Prayers usually fall into one of five categories.

Adoration: We celebrate the beauty and majesty of God. It can be both humbling and uplifting, reminding us of our place before God, yet filling us with joy over an ocean sunset or artistic masterpiece.

Thanksgiving: We respond to God’s presence and actions in our lives.  The immensity of God’s gifts are often overlooked in “good times,” but how lost we’d be without them.

Confession:  We acknowledge our sinfulness and shortcomings before God. Yet, we can celebrate in the undeserved love poured out for us in the God’s promise of forgiveness.

Intercession: We move beyond ourselves and pray on behalf of others in the community. Growing in the awareness of others suffering leads to generosity and a desire to take action.

Petition: We ask for things of God, as a child would ask a loved and trusted parent. Asking doe not mean we get what we want always, but God wants us to ask.

Did You Know?

Prayer requests are welcomed and will be added to our different prayer ministries as you indicate on the form below.