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New Promise  Lutheran Church To glorify God through building up the body of Christ

New Promise Lutheran Church is to be a vital, Christ-centered witness to all God's people—reaching out through the ministries of worship and sacrament, services and education "for building up the body of Christ." (Ephesians 4:11-13)

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Lent & Holy Week


Wednesdays Feb 14 - Mar 21

    6:00 PM  Soup Supper

     7:00 PM  Evening Vespers

Palm Sunday March 25

  8:00 AM  Worship with Communion

10:30 AM  Worship with Communion

Maundy Thursday March 29

  7:00 PM  Worship with Communion

Good Friday March 30

11:00 AM  “Stations of the Cross”

               Community Walk

               Meet at Sandtown Park  

  7:00 PM  Ecumenical Worship at
               Good Shepherd Presbyterian

Easter Sunday April 1

  8:00 AM  Worship with Communion

  8:30 AM     Easter Breakfast

  9:00 AM     Easter Egg Hunt

  9:30 AM  Worship with Communion

11:00 AM  Worship with Communion

Wednesday Evening Vespers

After Ash Wednesday (Feb 14), we will focus on the traditional Lenten Spiritual Disciplines of prayer, almsgiving and fasting. The lyrical melodies of Holden Evening Prayer frame our worship with meditations on scripture.


Shout “Hosanna” with the crowd as Jesus enters Jerusalem on the road to the cross. What is your relationship with Jesus? Do you lift your cross and follow him, or do you abandon him like the crowd? We share in Christ’s entry to Jerusalem through word and song.


Jesus shares this last night with his disciples, but he shares much more than just bread and wine. He shares the Kingdom of God.


The final moments on the cross are the framework for meditations and music as we turn down the lights on Jesus’ final hours on the cross. Join with other St George faith communities in celebrating the sacrificial and saving power of the cross.

EASTER - Celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection

Jesus is risen, Alleluia! Discover again with the disciples the amazing story of Jesus’ victory over death. God’s amazing gift changed the world forever.