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New Promise  Lutheran Church building up the body of Christ

New Promise Lutheran Church is to be a vital, Christ-centered witness to all God's people—reaching out through the ministries of worship and sacrament, services and education "for building up the body of Christ." (Ephesians 4:11-13)

Privacy Policy

Life of Serving

Dixie Care & Share is the local food bank and a source

of clothing and shelter for the many needy people who live in Washington County. Members of New Promise volunteer by stocking and distributing food at Dixie Care & Share’s facility. People worshipping at New Promise are encouraged to bring non-perishable foods to church the third Sunday of each month. Items should be placed in the designated area. Volunteers bring these items to Dixie Care & Share’s facility.  On Tuesday mornings New Promise members distribute food. On the third Wednesday, members of the month’s Innkeepers stock and distribute food. We also help sponsor their yearly Christmas Dinner.

The Community Soup Kitchen sponsors lunch at Grace Episcopal Church each Monday and Wednesday. The nutritious meal is free of charge to all the guests. Several times a year, the New Promise Soup Kitchen team plans the meal, prepares and serves lunch using available food supplies, and cleans up.

World Hunger Appeal, a program of ELCA, addresses hunger around the world. The third Sunday of every month is “World Hunger Sunday” at New Promise. The offering goes to support World Hunger.  

Alternative Giving is an option to secular materialism at Christmas time. Alternative gift catalogs offer ways to help the marginalized of the world. These gifts allow the poor to feed themselves, empower people in crisis, build peace around the world and protect our endangered planet.

Innkeepers is a ministry of the whole congregation and all who are members of New Promise are Innkeepers.  This is one way we model the priesthood of all believers in which every member takes responsibility for a part of the ministry we share. There are twelve Innkeepers groups—one for each month.  The following ministries will be fulfilled by Innkeepers each month:

Through Innkeepers, we can contribute to the hospitality of New Promise Lutheran Church, moreover, participation by everyone gives a feeling of satisfaction and belonging to this church community.